About Us

Our MissionEuthanasia Position

We work to make every donation we receive a perpetual one that never stops helping wildlife.

We aim to give wild animals a great healthcare plan.

We strive to always be responsible, accountable, disciplined, and meticulous with money.  We do not treat fundraising as an afterthought or burden.  We honor our donors by pledging to offer ever-increasing ways for them to influence how their donations are allocated.  We aim high, working to build endowments capable of catalyzing positive breakthroughs in wildlife care.

Some goals for our fundraising efforts include:

  • creating more competitively compensated wildlife veterinary positions to provide higher quality, specialized care for wildlife in need;
  • reducing fiscal, technical, and logistical burdens for chosen volunteer wildlife caregivers so they can continue to help more animals increasingly effectively;
  • facilitating the publication of best current practices and most useful data to advance standards of wildlife care, leveraging lessons learned from treating each animal to ultimately help many more animals thereafter;
  • spurring finely targeted, collaborative research and development efforts to improve wildlife care methods, and
  • helping to create efficient, solvent, and self-sustaining facilities for wildlife care and convalescence.